Got Art?

Welcome to the Community Arts Center's online hub for all things ART! Here you'll find videos and photos from artists in our community to keep us engaged in the artistic world, even while stuck at home. Looking for even more fun creative video content? Head over to our Youtube channel!

The Got Art? Video Hub

Following Ann's story time reading "The Art Lesson", in this live stream, Jen walked us through a cool way to take coloring with your crayons to a new level! 

Ms. Ann from Young Heart Books & Toys is here to read to you the story "The Art Lesson". Don't forget to watch Jen's Facebook Live workshop that goes along with this story!

Bud the Stud is back with another installation of his hilarious and insightful PG-13 series on history paintings! In today's video, we take a look at the artwork surrounding our first president and founding father, George Washington!  

Ms. Jen shows kids and adults alike how to create fun interactive cards where the sharks are about to have a fun snack! 

Our friend Barry Poglein is here to share some of his superb artwork with us, accompanied by some of his music! Watch until the end to see what kind of CRAZY contraption he created with just strips of construction paper!!  

We haven't seen this guy since Sex Please We're Sixty wrapped up "before the apocalypse"! Bud "The Stud" Davis has sent us his (PG-13) greetings from social isolation and he's here today to give you a lesson on history paintings!  

Jen shows you and your kids a great project with loads of potential for individualism! Just gather little found objects around your house and create a great collage!

Paint along with Ms. Jen to create a cool looking landscape from the perspective of flying in an airplane!

Jen shows you how to turn plain old rocks into a hot new way to use old crayons! A great at-home project for the kids!

Just Art - Bob Ross Painting with Al Just! #happylittletrees

Jen leads you through a fun and artsy science experiment to conduct with your kids to see what colors of ink are used to create black markers!