"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together."  -Vincent Van Gogh

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Check out our class-rating system. The number of stars on each description will give you an idea of the class’s proficiency level.

Crafters for Fun: ★

Beginner: ★★

Intermediate: ★★★

Advanced: ★★★★

Professional for Professionals: ★★★★★

Clay & Wheel Thrown Pottery 2


6 Mondays: April 6 - May 11 6:00 - 8:00 PM

M: $68 +fee NM: $73 +fee

Instructor: Marian Lech

Class Limit: 7 

Level: ★★★

**Materials Fee: $25—payable to CAC**

For our intermediate pottery class, students must meet Pottery I goals & have skills to center clay and pull 6“ cylinders. This class allows project options such as: lidded jars, handles for mugs/bowls, finishing techniques, and student requests. Individuals more serious about pursuing a hobby in pottery should consider this class! Handbuilding projects will be more advanced. Wear old clothes, bring a towel, leave valuables at home, no long fingernails.

Stained Glass 2


6 Mondays: April 6 - May 11 6:00 - 8:00 PM

M: $45 NM: $50

Instructor: Jean Thompson

Class Limit: 10 

Level: ★★★

Intermediate students (able to cut and foil accurately and produce a consistently beaded solder line) will advance to more intricate work. Instructions will be given to complete a lantern or students may bring their own project. A fee of $12.00 for the lantern is payable to the instructor at the first class. Students provide glass and materials (flux, foil, patina, etc.) for their project.

Solder provided by Amerway Inc.

Scoop Woodcarving


3 Mondays: April 6 - 20 6:00 - 8:00 PM

M: $45 NM: $50

Instructor: Dale Thompson

Class Limit: 6

Level: ★★★★

Set aside your power tools to work intimately with wood. Scoop & spoon carving is a relaxing and enjoyable hobby. You only need a few tools and a small workspace. In this class, Dale shows how to make a scoop out of wooden blanks. At CAC, we’ve fallen in love with woodcarving and making wooden spoon workshops— this class builds on skills learned in those classes.

Thanks to Drake Knives for supporting our woodcarving classes with their quality knives!

Gardening with Master Gardeners


6 Mondays, see dates below 6:00 - 7:30 PM

M: $8 per class NM: $13 per class

MEMBERS DEAL: $40 for all 6 classes!

Class Limit: None

Level: ★

Spring into warm weather with the Penn State Master Gardeners of Cambria County. Get tips and tricks to prep your garden for summer. Thanks  to these knowledgeable gardeners for sharing their expertise with us! 

CANCELLED - - March 23:   ALPINE CREVICE GARDEN with Larry Coco Learn how to create an alpine crevice garden that mimics the growing environment of specialized plants that evolve, survive and thrive in rugged mountainous regions around the world. 

CANCELLED - - March 30:  DAHLIAS & OTHER SHOW-STOPPER FLOWERS  with Carol Peretin and Ali Single Carol & Ali highlight the fabulous flowers that put the dazzle in our gardens and the smiles in our hearts.  Be inspired to try these wonderful blooms in your garden! 

April 6:  CONTAINER GARDENING with Jane Litavish No space for a garden?  No problem!  Growing flowers, herbs and vegetables in containers is fun.  Learn to use the correct containers, soil and plants. 

May 4:  ROSE GARDENING with Deborah George These are not your grandmother's finicky roses! Roses offer colors, perfumes, forms and habits to suit every sunny garden situation. Learn to grow easy modern roses for your garden's condition. 

May 11: SHADE GARDENING with Chris Gillin Learn your garden's shade environment, including light, soil and wind. Find plants beyond ferns & hostas that add color and texture all year long. 

May 18: BUTTERFLY GARDENING with Barbara Rosenberg Butterfly garden design for native butterflies using native plants as caterpillar hosts and for nectar. 

Clay Handbuilding


6 Tuesdays: April 7 - May 12 12:30 - 3:00 PM

M: $49 +fee NM: $54 +fee

Instructor: Marian Lech

Class Limit: 8 

Level: ★★ and up

Materials fee: $20, payable to CAC.

Handbuilding is an ancient pottery-making technique creating forms without a pottery wheel, using hands, fingers, and simple tools. Handbuilding allows for a wide range of creativity. Wear old clothes and bring a towel. Please leave valuables at home. No long fingernails.

Stained Glass 1


6 Tuesdays: April 7 - May 12 6:00 - 8:00 PM

M: $45 + materials fee NM: $50 + materials fee

Instructor: Jean Thompson

Class Limit: 10

Level: ★★

Materials fee: $14, payable to CAC. 

Beginning students create a 7 x 10 inch stained glass panel and learn the basics of pattern & glass preparation, cutting & foiling, soldering & patina.  Students will provide glass for their project. Pattern, instructions, & glass purchasing information will be given upon receipt of class payment (for online payments, please contact CAC for this information by calling (814) 255-6515). An example of the completed project is on display at the Arts Center. Students should pick up their pattern and instructions before purchasing glass.

Solder provided by Amerway Inc. 

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