An exhibition of digitally painted photomanipulations by Zon


March 7 - April 3, 2020

A FREE opening reception will take place Saturday, March 7, from 1 to 3 PM, with an artist talk and Q&A at 2 PM.

“I want to thank the artists and folks who collaborated with me, namely, Angela R. Godin and her staff and the board of directors of the Community Arts Center of Cambria County.  Judy Crookston, who helped me learn the technical knowledge she provided in my transformation from an internet artist to a public artist. My supportive friend and fan, Marian Morgan, who provided the social contacts that made this exhibition possible. I want to thank my brother, Robert, sister, Pat and most importantly my twin brother, Donald, whose help and sacrifices made this exhibition possible and who is the source of my engagement with the arts. (muse) Lastly, the Allied Artists and other artists who participated in my goal of conceptualizing the concept of ‘Artists and Their Art and the People Behind the Scenes.’” -Zone Patcher


I have been working on creating a new Art form for the past 10 years, 'Combining Fractals and Photography; which has consisted of experimenting in Math-based Art... 3D Fractals, 3D Fractal Collages, 3D Fractal Photo Manipulations, Fractal Photo Collages, and Digital Fractal Paintings. I also create 3D Fractal animations and 3D Fractals moveable art in Videos.

These portraits will allow the subjects the opportunity to reexamine their own relationship with their self-image. Over the decades we have been conditioned to see ourselves as the best looking and most beautiful we can be. The initial emotive response that these unique portraits provide could be examined as to how or why we react to a different view of ourselves. 

My tools are a camera, computer, mouse, and software for my creations…creating a complex surreal abstracted collection of hallucinatory realism mixed with humor and intellect.  I use my skills to address progressive social issues and to express my private and secret personal statements. I deconstruct the norm and reconstruct and modify my reinterpretation in creating a new paradigm and modern view that encompasses the digital tools available to me to express myself as a 21st Century Electronic Digital Folk Artist; self-taught and still learning. 

I am aware that the general audience who will view this exhibition have never seen this genre of digital art before because I am the only local artist who can create these dense and complex modalities of avant-garde metamorphic masterpieces.