21st Richard G. Baker Teacher & Volunteer Awards Luncheon

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic the original date of the Baker Luncheon has been changed to:

Saturday, June 6, 2020

11:00 am Recognition Program 

    Guest Speaker: Marty Radovanic

11:20 am Award Presentation: Mrs. Baker 

12:00 pm Lunch


Suzanne Langer, Dedication to Volunteer Service

Marian Lech, Excellence in Teaching

Learn more about our honorees below!


Celebrating the 21st Anniversary of this memorable event, the Community Arts Center of Cambria County honors two individuals who have contributed to the growth and 

success of your Community Arts Center.

The Richard G. Baker Recognition Awards will be given for Dedication to Volunteer Service to a Community Arts Center Volunteer and for Excellence in Teaching to a Community Arts Center Teacher.

The Honorees will each receive a $500 Cash Award and a Waterford Crystal Bowl. This generosity comes from Mrs. Wanda Baker, who established the awards in memory of her late husband’s service to our community.

Mr. Baker was a highly respected engineer in his field, working for the Pennsylvania Electric Company from 1946 to 1984. He retired as a Vice President. In the community, he served on the Board of Directors of the Incorporators of Grandview Cemetery and as Past President of Lee Hospital Board of Directors.



The annual Awards have been established by
Mrs. Richard G. Baker in memory of her husband.

RSVP by calling (814) 255-6515 or email us at caccc@atlanticbbn.net

Hosted at Sunnehanna Country Club

1000 Sunnehanna Dr.

Johnstown, PA 15905 

Suzanne Langer


Dedication to Volunteer Service

Suzanne first became acquainted with the Community Arts Center (CAC) in the 1980’s while working at 1st Summit Bank, when she volunteered with a group of co-workers to participate in a Telephone Membership Drive/Fund Raiser at the Arts Center and that was the beginning of her journey.  She also volunteered at the Log House Festival, Habitat for Humanities and Highway Cleanup. Upon retirement from 1st Summit Bank in 2011, she began volunteering on a regular basis at the Community Arts Center and enjoys helping wherever she is needed. Suzanne enjoys baking goodies for the bake sale at the Log House Festival and other functions hosted by CAC. 

Suzanne’s interest began at an early age in crocheting and embroidery. She also developed an interest in sewing her own clothing during her teens and later made her daughters’ clothing when they were young. Suzanne expanded her creativity to scrapbooking which eventually led to card making. She has been a vendor for several years at Holly Bazaar where you can find her greeting cards, table runners, chalk-painted mason jars containing floral arrangements and shadow boxes. She is passionate about her work and enjoys the activity and being part of the Community Arts Center Volunteer Program.

It is noted that when Suzanne attended Village Street Elementary School in Moxham, M. Josephine Paul (better known as Miss Paul to her students) was the traveling art teacher. Suzanne says that Miss Paul made a positive impression on her and she always looked forward to her visits to the classroom. Suzanne is excited for the completion of the J. Paul Family Museum and can’t wait to see Miss Paul’s artwork!

Suzanne has been married to her husband, Jerry, for 51 years. They have two daughters and five grandchildren and reside in Southmont.

Marian Lech


Excellence in Teaching

Marian Lech was born in Johnstown, graduated from Bishop McCort High School, and received her teaching degree from Indiana University. She was hired by the Greater Johnstown School District in September of 1977. At that time, if you were not an Art Major, you could NOT take any art courses at Indiana. Marian wasn’t an Art Major; she taught Learning Support students at Johnstown High and had a teaching career with the Johnstown School District, that she loved for 35 years. But in 1977, at the Log House Festival, Marian met Maggie Minahan, a local potter, who had a booth at the festival, and gave pottery lessons. The rest is history. M. Lech lives in a wooded area of Upper Yoder Township, on a little dirt road. She finds inspiration in the beauty of nature.

It’s been 43 years. Marian, now a retired school teacher, is able to share her joy of teaching with her pottery students. She is also still throwing pots.  

“If you are able to make a living doing something you love, you are blessed.

To still be teaching, and potting, after 43 years, well, it’s just awesome.